Product Care and Warranty

At Woodharbor, our products are carefully crafted with quality materials and premium finishes to be beautiful and durable.   By following the recommded care instructions below, you will get the most life out of your doors and cabinets.  

We offer some of the finest warranties in the industry - click on the tabs above to view the different warranties for individual products lines.

All wood will react to seasonal changes in humidity - expanding during more humid months and contracting during dryer months. Cabinetry by Woodharbor has been specially engineered to accommodate this reaction to changes in the environment. However, it is still very important to regulate the humidity level in your home at 40-50% and to take proper care of your Woodharbor wood products.

Cabinetry by Woodharbor requires a very minimal maintenance program to preserve its beautiful finish. A Woodharbor finish is specially formulated to "flex" with the wood to create an especially durable finish. Woodharbor's finish is formulated with a "catalyst" to create a very strong bond with the wood surface and with UV inhibitors to reduce natural mellowing of the finish from exposure to sunlight.

Woodharbor recommends the following care and cleaning program:

If you have any further questions regarding the care and cleaning of your Cabinetry by Woodharbor, please contact your local Authorized Woodharbor dealer.