Woodharbor Custom Cabinetry

The Woodharbor Difference

In your home, color, texture & functionality should perform in unison for an artful look & feel. For the highest level of interior design, Woodharbor offers you beautifully crafted cabinetry & interior doors that work perfectly together.

In matching or complementary styles, woods and finishes, Woodharbor creates kitchen & bath cabinetry, interior & exterior doors, fireplace mantels and detailed molding & millwork.

With Woodharbor your home's most obvious, most interactive features will give you harmonious visual beauty. Whether you plan to build or remodel, Woodharbor will bring your home to life.

How We Build

Woodharbor construction is a unique blend of individual attention and high-tech precision. We've developed this method during our decades of hand-crafting superior wood products.

At key stages, our craftsmen do detailed handiwork. Other aspects of the process are automated for optimal efficiency. A Woodharbor specialist supervises every step for maximum quality.

Woodharbor premium custom Doors & Cabinetry uses the finest materials for durable, beautiful products. Our custom Rockglen Cabinetry offer Woodharbor excellence plus great value, as do our semi-custom PrairieLake Doors.

From meticulous selection of wood to durable hardwood dowel joinery to careful transportation in Woodharbor air ride furniture vans, we use the highest quality standards in all Woodharbor creations so you can bring your home to life.

Woodharbor Custom Cabinetry
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